You are David, the Insurer is Goliath. Let me be your slingshot.

Workers’ Compensation is a specialty. You are at an extreme disadvantage handling your case without expert guidance. Put my 41 years of experience to work for you.

Workers’ Compensation

A workers’ compensation claim is complicated with strict rules and procedures.  Turn to me for help.  I have more than 40 years of experience in these matters you can depend on with confidence.

Denied Claims

The denial of your claim does not necessarily mean your case is over.  Come see me to learn about your options and any available next steps.

With a Track Record of Excellence and Success and 41 years of Experience

William Stern represents clients throughout all courts in the lower peninsula of Michigan, especially in the Metropolitan Detroit area. There is no other lawyer with more circuit, federal and appellate court experience who practices in the field of workers' compensation. Put that experience to work for you! I invite the insurers to “Bring it On!”

Put Experience To Work On Your Claim

William Stern, P.C. handles primarily all work-related injuries as well as workplace discrimination. A call to William Stern results in personal, one-on-one contact with the lawyer who will be in charge of your case, unlike a call to one of the TV lawyers.

That on-going personal relationship is a giant difference between my firm and the others. Call and let me show you how we can utilize the system to maximize your recovery. I specialize in lump sum benefits and know my way around the maze of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and medical liens.

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All Workers Compensation and injury cases are handled on a contingency basis……….NO FEE, NO RECOVERY. All fees in workers' compensation cases are very low, generally, less than 15% and are set by the state and monitored by the magistrates. I have a proven track record of success. Call (248) 353-9400 or make an appointment online.