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Aggressive and Effective Representation

I have spent 41 years effectively slugging it out with the insurance companies. This drive comes from my experience as a child marching on the picket line with my father in ten-degree winter weather.

My family paid its dues fighting for the working person and my heart is still in the same place decades later. I understand the labor movement because I have lived it.

Call me to discuss issues such as the potential value of your case, the effect of wage-earning capacity on your compensation rate, vocational assessments, the potential for a lump sum settlement, the effect of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and pension benefits on your case.

Check out my education and training to see that I am the lawyer for you.

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William S. Stern

Why Experience Matters

Most workers' compensation lawyers have only handled cases at the Workers' Compensation Agency. They lack the benefit of significant experience in all areas of work-related injuries.

I have significant, successful experience in handling construction, medical malpractice claims, contract disputes (including disputes between employers and insurers), and any other imaginable scenario that can arise from a work-related injury in both state and federal courts. I have literally tried well over 100 jury trials with great success.

"Google" my name and you will see that I have been involved in many appellate cases that developed Michigan law. Put that experience to work for you.

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